Team Bonding

Team Bonding

Fun and effective shared experiences for increased awareness and team spirit.

In a quickly changing society it is the people who drive profits, growth and development. Whether your team comes from private, public or third sector, you need a strong team to achieve your goals and to fulfill your purpose. Well designed team bonding interventions can strengthen the very foundation that your organization is based on: its people. BB Team Bonding helps you improve comprehension, collaboration, coordination and communication in your team.

Outcomes of BB Team Bonding

1. A mutual understanding, respect, affection and trust.

2. An increased desire to cooperate and help each other out.

3. An experience of having performed well together.

4. Learning points that can be applied directly at work.

5. A feeling that “we’re good at what we do”.

6. A sense that this is a beginning of something new.

Co-design your experience!

Pick a style that suits you best and customize it to your needs:

  • BB Energizer: Engage in fun activities near the office or as part of your event!

  • BB Urban Challenge: Complete tasks in urban environments as a team!

  • BB Adventure Camp: Experience the wilderness with your team.

  • BB Beach Olympics: Enjoy a beach carnival atmosphere and bond together!

  • BB Sporty Bonding: Get exercise and succeed together in sports events of your choice!

  • BB Charity Bonding: Volunteer, give back and make your mark as a team!

  • BB Amusement Park: Have thrilling fun with your entire organization!

We also offer custom-made leadership, strategy, culture and organizational development interventions. Should you require any of these aspects, please mention it in your inquiry.

Make the choice

Click (or tap) one of the images below to read more about the various team bonding packages you may customize:

BB Urban Challenge

Discover cities, your team and yourself in a new light.


  • Insights into Sri Lankan cities and culture.

  • Learning from and interaction with the community.

  • Readiness to crack challenges as a team.

  • Desire to cooperate and help each other out.

  • A feeling that “we’re good at what we do”.

Gist of it:

Customizable team bonding through a series of tasks that all lead to a new kind of city discovery as well as enhance your team and self-exploration.

This can be done in Colombo or you may wish to venture out to Kandy, Galle or Sigiriya for instance. With a BB Team Rally you can make the journey there an experience too.

Suggested approach:

(+Optional: Team Rally to the city of your choice)

0.5 hours    Kick-start: Energetic launch and division in teams.
4.0 hours    Discovery Challenge: tasks around the city.
0.5 hours    Debriefing: Learning points collected.

You may choose to include city-specific specialities like whale-watching in Galle or Treasure Hunt in Kandy. This extends the program to last for two days. In between we can arrange you to have a party quite unlike you have ever seen before.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Urban Challenge

BB Energizer

Fun activities near the office or as part of your event!


  • New-found energy and joy in your team.

  • A mutual understanding, respect, affection and trust.

  • Improved cross-functional communication.

  • Increased desire to collaborate and help one another.

  • Feeling of shared success.

Gist of it:

This half-day energizer is ideal to create sparks of energy and enthusiasm in your people. Teams rotate between four activities. In the end the winner is announced and a common debriefing captures the learning points that can be taken back to the office.

Suggested approach:

You bring the people to a venue of your choice. This can be any hotel with garden space, cricket or rugby ground or even your own premises. We take care of the rest.

0.5 hours    Kick-start: Energetic launch.
3.0 hours    Energizer: Four team bonding activities.
0.5 hours    Debriefing: Learning points collected.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Energizer Challange

BB Adventure Camp

Get away from the city, stretch your boundaries and experience the wildnerness with your team.


  • A daring attitude and better performance

  • Ability to live and work together in a new setting

  • Mutual understanding, respect, affection and trust

  • An experience of having performed well together

  • An increased desire to collaborate

  • Learning points that can be applied directly at work

  • Beginning of something new

Gist of it:

Stretch your boundaries and bond together through a common wild camping experience. Learn from solving challenging tasks as a team. Enjoy the lush environment.

Suggested approach:

1st Day Program

0.5 hours     Kick-start: Energetic launch and division in teams
1.0 hours     Preparation: A bit of theory and survival skills
4.5 hours     Treasure Hunt: Teamwork in stunning nature
1.0 hours     Debriefing: Collecting the learning points

2nd Day Add-on

3.0 hours     Water Monitors: Teams engage in raft building
1.0 hours     High Rope Course: Stretching personal boundaries
1.0 hours     Zoom: Team communication exercise
1.0 hours     Learning capture: Discussion and self-reflection

3rd Day Add-on

4.0 hours     Tactical Action Game: Paintball activity in the wild
2.0 hours     Team Building Games: Based on the team’s needs
1.0 hours     Debriefing: Taking learnings back to work
1.0 hours     Closing: Certificates, final words and farewell

Each day includes a delicious breakfast, buffet lunch and Sri Lankan BBQ in the evening. Food in Belihuloya is mouthwateringly tasty and there is a lot to choose from. You will need a lot of energy! Please inform us of special diets. Sri Lankan live music, dancing, fire show, firewalking or evening games can be organized upon request.

Alternative locations to Belihuloya are Udawalawe Campsite and Kitulgala River Adventure Center. Activities may vary depending on the chosen location, development needs and quickly changing weather conditions.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Adventure Camp

BB Sporty Bonding

Get exercise and succeed together in unique sports events!


  • Interest in active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • New-found energy and joy in your team.

  • Collaboration more than competition.

  • Readiness to strategize and plan tactics together.

  • Learning points that can be applied directly at work.

Gist of it:

Rather than preparing for months to sports events that everyone is already familiar with, you get to choose fresh and exciting events that are geared for team learning. You divide your group in teams and choose the location. During the day your teams take part in these unique BB sports events. We debrief the learning points at the end of the day and relate these to working life.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Sporty Bonding

BB Beach Olympics

Bond together in a beach carnival atmosphere!


  • Re-charged batteries and improved mood.
  • Long-lasting memories and employee loyalty.
  • Cross-departmental communication and collaboration.
  • Readiness to think outside the box.
  • "One team culture" and new bonds.

Gist of it:

Facilitators prepare the teams to take part in four fun events of their choice. The activities run for four hours with DJ playing energetic music in the background and pumping up the atmosphere. Winners can be celebrated in the evening in a memorable Beach Carnival.


0.5 hours    Kick-start: Energetic launch for the day and division in teams.
4.0 hours    Beach Olympics: Each team completes four events of their choice.
0.5 hours    Winner: After tallying the scores the winning team is announced.

Possible Add-ons:

1.0 hours    Speed dating: Getting to know your team members better.
1.0 hours    Team preparation: Zoom communication exercise.
1.0 hours    Lunch break: Food, music and refreshments.
2.0 hours    2-3 additional events: Programme extension.
4.0 hours    Beach Carnival: Awards Ceremony, Dinner, Music, Pool Party, Socializing

This is ideal program for company outings or to be included as part of conferences and events. You choose the beach: for instance Mount Lavinia, Negombo, Marawila, Bentota, Tangalle and Pasikuda come highly recommended.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Beach Olympics

BB Charity Bonding

Volunteer, give back and make your mark as a team!


  • New-found appreciation for life.

  • An experience of having performed well together.

  • Improved teamwork: comprehension, coordination, collaboration and communication.

  • Direct positive impact in society.

  • Positive publicity and goodwill for your organization.

Gist of it:

Do good together to be better together. We prepare a chosen CSR project in rural Sri Lanka for your team to take part in. The entire 2-3 days involvement is designed so that the team becomes better in comprehension, coordination, collaboration and communication.

Suggested approach:

  1. Options: We present three CSR projects to choose from.

  2. Choice: Your team chooses a project they prefer most.

  3. Preparation: We prepare everything and brief the team.

  4. CSR Action: Your team engages in community action.

  5. Guided Learning: We facilitate learning and reflection.

  6. Closure: We collect learnings and tell the world of what you have done.

  7. .(Optional: We create a professional video as a memory for you)

beyond boundaries team building program - BB  Charity Bonding

BB Amusement Park

Half-day bonding extravaganza for very large groups!


  • Facilitated fun in cross-functional teams.

  • Going beyond everyday cliques.

  • Long-lasting memories and increased employee loyalty.

  • Daring to form new alliances across departments.

  • Sparks of creativity, energy and inspiration.

  • Bonding: more "we" than "me".

Gist of it:

Up to 1,000 participants, in 30-60 teams of 10-16 people, are guided through as many of the 15 events as they want and have time for. Scores are tallied and winning team is announced in the end. Refreshment zone can be used for planning, socializing and unwinding between the events.

Suggested approach:

We provide the personnel, activities, equipment, facilitation, logistical management, snacks and refreshments. The activities are safe and our people trained. Nevertheless, to be prepared for anything, we arrange a fully equipped ambulance and paramedics to be on hold in case of emergency.

You choose the venue – any large lawn area will do – and arrange your people to be there on time. Team leaders could be briefed in advance to ensure smooth participation. Finally, you may want to encourage the teams to come up with a name and create clothing that portrays their team identity.


0.5 hours    Kick-off: Energetic opening and welcoming words

4.0 hours    BB Amusement Park: 15 events in 30 stations

0.5 hours    Closing: Wrap-up and awards ceremony

(+ possible evening program)


  • 1 DJ

  • 1 Lead Facilitator

  • 30 Support Facilitators

  • 20 Logistics Personnel

  • First Aid Crew

Possible Add-ons:

  • Group Challenge to create a feeling that we are One Big Team.

  • Evening Party with drinks, bites and Awards Ceremony.

  • Fashion Show, Live Music, Dancers or chosen Guest Arrival.

  • Professional filmmakers to shoot and edit a video of the day.

  • Branded T-shirts and other memorabilia of your liking.

beyond boundaries team building program - BB Amusement Park

"To collaborative team members,
completing one another is more important
than competing with one another."

Let's build something amazing together.

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