Beyond Boundaries Global: Driving Success By Creating A Desire To Collaborate And Assist One Another

Beyond Boundaries Global: Driving Success By Creating A Desire To Collaborate And Assist One Another

In this highly competitive business environment and rapid changes that companies and workers alike are constantly faced with, companies must deliberately turn to more effective strategies to ensure that the workforce is sensitive and nimble enough to execute jobs as they become more complex. This should serve not just as a means of achieving short-term improved productivity and withstanding even the most ferocious competition from emerging markets, but also as a means of assisting companies in preparing for the challenges that the rapidly evolving future is bound to bring. This is where Beyond Barriers Global co-creates and daringly delivers dependable, inspiring, and energising experiences for individuals, teams, and organisations to spot and shatter boundaries and maximise success.


In An Exclusive Interview With ASIA Business Outlook, Anuruddha Bandara, Founder Walks Us Through The Unique Traits Of The Company: Shed Light On The Various Team Bonding Activities That You Offer.

Shared experiences that are enjoyable and beneficial for raising awareness and team spirit. In a quickly changing society, it is the people who drive profits, growth and development. You need a strong team to achieve your goals and fulfil your purpose, whether your team is from the private, public, or third sector. Team bonding activities that are well-designed can strengthen the very foundation on which your organisation is built: its people. BB Team Bonding assists you in improving your team’s comprehension, collaboration, coordination, and communication.

BB Team Bonding focuses on fostering mutual understanding, respect, affection, and trust, as well as theexperience of having performed well together, a sense of ‘we’re good at what we do,’ an increased desire to cooperate and help each other out, learning points that can be applied directly at work, and a sense that this is the beginning of something new.

In addition, you can choose a style that best matches you and personalise it to your needs, which includes BB Energizer: Participate in enjoyable activities around the office or as part of your event, BB Urban Challenge: Work together to address challenges in urban surroundings, BB Adventure Camp: Explore the environment with your squad, BB Beach Olympics: Have fun at a beach carnival and bond with your teammates, BB Sporty Bonding: Get in shape and compete in sports activities of your choosing, Volunteer, give back, and make your mark as a team with BB Charity Bonding, and have thrilling fun with your entire organisation with BB Amusement Park. In addition, we provide tailored leadership, strategy, culture, and organisational development initiatives.

Tell Us About The Unique Incentives That Participants Can Expect After Getting Involved In Those Activities. The most significant motive is to rediscover oneself, particularly in how one behaves when confronted with unknown situations. Our emphasis is on learning, with fun and adventure serving as vehicles to get there. The next best thing is that you discover your coworkers as real people beneath the ‘corporate masks.’ You will be able to relate to everyone better this way.

Throw Some Light On The Methodologies You Deploy To Gain Best Outcomes For The Participants.

Personality-Based Team Building Techniques: A personality test is one approach to learn more about coworkers. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a well-known psychometric test that categorises people into one of sixteen distinct personalities, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Activity-Based Team Building Techniques: Team members participate in a series of tough tasks designed to push them out of their comfort zones in an activitybased approach to team building. These tasks are often conducted outside and can include ropes courses, boot camps, rafting, or survival exercises. Skills-Based Team Building Techniques: A skills-based approach may be advantageous for managers who are worried that activity-based team development is not fostering specific job abilities.

Team members attend courses to learn crucial professional skills such as how to negotiate effectively and provide constructive feedback. The abilities developed in a skills-based workshop may be instantly applied to the job and are extremely beneficial for improving team performance. Problem-Solving-Based Team Building Techniques: The problem-solving-based team-building technique is intended to accomplish just that. This method is frequently used in a retreat setting and involves an outside consultant. The team leader guides teams through a series of exercises that help them focus on problems and work to solve them. This strategy, by openly addressing the group’s difficulties, can be a good way to help teams relax and increase interpersonal bonding.

Elaborate On The Vision And Mission Followed By Beyond Boundaries Global.

We dare people to push themselves and work together for better outcomes and true enjoyment. Our distinctive international strategy blends parts of team bonding, incentives, and excursions into unparalleled experiences that assist you in identifying, shaking, and shattering barriers to your achievement. We are the only team experience designer with an island-wide location inventory and a 150-strong logisticsstaff, as we are supported by our mother company EcoTeam, a seasoned adventure and eco-tourism organisation.

This also offers us access to inland air travel and a mobile hotel idea, which allows us to have experiences virtually everywhere, including the most exotic and inaccessible locales. Today, our management team has completed over 1,000 assignments. We have worked with foreign schools, huge multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Unilever, McDonald’s, IBM, HP, and HSBC, as well as a diverse spectrum of Sri Lankan businesses and organisations.

BB Team Bonding assists you In improving your team’s Comprehension, collaboration, Coordination, and communication

Are You Coming Up With New Services To Expand Your Current Service Portfolio?

Going forward, we will be looking inwards and see how we can consolidate what we have already. Out of the list, some are very popular and selling well, some need to be pushed harder; mostly due to the price factor, travel, time etc. Hence, we will be revamping these offerings and remodeling the offerings, where we can serve our customers better by giving them wider choices.

Anuruddha Bandara, Founder

A serial entrepreneur, adventurer and trainer Anuruddha Bandara, colloquially “AB”, was amongst the first to introduce experiential training in Sri Lanka back in 2000. He is our Chief Experience Officer whose experience guarantees quality in everything that we do.

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