Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, India (BB Energizer)

Held at the beautiful Vivanta by Taj in Bentota where a group of bankers together with their spouses were set to get energized. Starting off with traditional war cry against the two teams they were first put up against the challenge of creeping through the poisonous spider web with or without the help of their teammates. Once they had done creeping through they were caught and put in chains and had to use their wit to escape from the bonds by solving each clue as a team.

Next, they were set up to show off their cooking skills. They were put up against the task of cooking up something delicious which was a fun task for them to complete. From slicing and dicing to perfectly preparing a masterpiece which was tasted and judged upon. While this was going on the spouses were having a time of their own from being inspired through a motivational speech to playing a game of zooming in and out. Next, they were taken out to engage in a canoe race which was a first timer for most of them. From tipping over to paddling their way through to the finish line the teams enjoyed this new experience a lot and were left with memories of a lifetime to carry with them.