Sri Lanka’s first ‘Mystery Room’, a boost to management strategists

Sri Lanka’s first ‘Mystery Room’,
a boost to management strategists

Daily Mirror

Beyond Boundaries Global (Pvt.) Ltd, an experiential training company, is gearing up to create a first of its kind experience in Sri Lanka. The first-ever ‘Mystery Room’ game to be held at the iconic Flamingo Bar will challenge eight to 20 ‘wannabe detectives’ to use the latest technology and features of the game to figure out clues and solve a mystery in a way that’s never been done before. 

Facilitating this novel entertainment concept is the company’s Chief Experience Officer Anuruddha Bandara – an innovative entrepreneur, adventurer and trainer, who was amongst the first to introduce experiential training in Sri Lanka back in 2001. His experience guarantees the quality of this novel concept. It was designed in collaboration with Game Changer Tomi Astikainen.

The ‘Team Bonding’ mode is a professionally facilitated two-and-a-half-hour team-building experience for corporate teams. It can be customized for leadership training, assessment centre or recruitment purposes as well. A value-added two-hour video debriefing and learning capture a session three to seven days after the experience is an option.

‘Fun with Friends’ can be arranged e.g. as a reward for employees, as a night out for tourists, as a birthday or anniversary celebration, as a family gathering or just to get together and spend quality time with friends.

“Younger urban thrill seekers today want to live through experiences and engage in activities that represent their lifestyle,” said Bandara. 
“They seek for challenges in life and are passionate about it – they are not spectators but participants. ‘Mystery Room’ can be summed up as the fulfilment of this trend, which is why we put a unique spin to this ‘Sherlock Holmes-style’ detective game,” he added.
At this revolutionary experience, players will find themselves immersed in a high adrenalin situation throwing participants out of their comfort zones to solve a mind-boggling mystery within 90 minutes. 

“It’s an opportunity to have fun unlike just a dinner or movie. It’s more exciting to be involved in the mystery, instead of just watching it unfold. The biggest hook in this game is the deep level of collaboration players have to use in order to succeed in cracking the mystery. Once committed, talking to friends or complete strangers is necessary as you work together to beat the clock,” said Astikainen. 

He added, “There’s no time to be on your phone and more often than not, groups leave more connected with each other, striking up friendships and developing trust.  Players are sworn to secrecy to ensure the game is fresh for everyone and nobody has an advantage. Throughout the game, players will discover a whole new perspective of the game and themselves.”

Mystery Room is open to the public through pre-registration. However, walk in spots too will be available each day. Developed by an expert team of local and international puzzle designers, Mystery Room creates interactive, immersive games set in hyper-realistic scenarios that set the bar for experiential entertainment. This is just the first of its kind and many more exciting programmes are in the pipeline.