Ritz Consulting, Pakistan - (BB Urban Challenge in Colombo, Cinnamon Grand Hotel)

BB Urban Challenge for Ritz Consulting team started off at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. This is the first time ever that we have had an Urban Challenge during the night time and I can safely assure you that weren’t any casualties. All the teams were appointed the same tasks and the objective of completing them and reaching back before the clock runs out. This was the most fun Ritz Consulting had that day. Our Urban Challenge gives the teams the chance to interact with the local community and also learn a bit of what the Sri Lankan culture has to offer. It also makes the players a bit more streetwise of Sri Lanka and also the thrill of engaging in the tasks.

Each team had their share of fun, especially when creating a tribal dance of their own for strangers. And also convincing people to send out a ‘Happy Birthday Text’ to a designated number is not that easy. All in all, everyone had a blast and I’m sure they still have memories of this enjoyable event and challenge. Taking home with them something they’ve learned that night.