International Organization for Migration - (BB Beach Olympic at Citrus Waskaduwa)

Being divided into teams the participants were warmed up and ready to take part in the action of taking on the BB Beach Olympics course at Citrus Waskaduwa. They first had been setup to dodge the dangerous laser beams that stood in their way. Once complete they were up to face to another dangerous obstacle which was getting past these dangerous spider webs without getting caught and becoming spider food. After these two dangerous activities had been done they now had to take part in a modified version of the shot put to then filling up a flute with water in order to take out a ping pong ball which would enable them to reach the next stage which was the moving minefields blindfolded, this activity required a great number of listening skills. Once complete and only two tasks left. One was a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee where all the teams had a blast. Last but not least they took on the course of wearing giants and completing laps. All in due they had a blast competing in BB Beach Olympics at Citrus Waskaduwa.