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Does your team need a bit of a push but you don't know how to make it gently? Are year-end bonuses not enough? What if your people had something else to look forward to?

Unlike any cash bonuses, incentive travel increases employee loyalty and boosts performance. Even so, only quarter of companies take advantage of incentive travel as part of their rewards and recognition. Therein lies the edge!

Whether you wish to boost the performance of a small important team or motivate the entire staff, Beyond Boundaries is your partner of choice!

Participants are guaranteed to enjoy their stay. Yet we go one step further: people who come back are a better team, more skilled to work together and committed to reinforce your business objectives!

So, get in touch with us and let us know how we can serve you the best!

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BB Adventure Camp is part of the package. It is strongly recommended to include also other elements of our Team Bonding and Expeditions services.

If you wish, we can also utilize elements of other incentive packages:

  • BB Chill Out: Total relaxation and ultimate luxury with a bit of adventure included.
  • BB Gala: Rewarding and celebrating your best performers or most loyal partners – in style!
  • BB Work: Spiced up conference, training, workshop or meeting – both fun and productive!
  • BB Explorer: Adventurous activities and memorable experiences around the island.

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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Boost and show it to other decision makers in your organization.