Do you have a bunch of friends or colleagues who could use a bit of energy, inspiration, creativity and daring? Is there a special occasion coming up? We serve groups of adventurers, seniors, young people, friends and family alike. Whether it is eight or 800 people, we can co-design a memorable experience to match your needs!

BB Team Bonding for groups of individuals:

  • Mutual understanding, respect and trust.
  • “We are one” attitude and communication.
  • A desire to cooperate and help one another.
  • Awareness of own boundaries.

BB Incentives for groups of individuals:

  • Memorable experiences in unique locations.
  • Long-lasting employee, client and partner satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • Energizing mix of adventure and relaxation.

BB Expeditions for groups of individuals:

  • Inner and outer journey for team cohesion.
  • Awareness of strengths and limitations.
  • Capacity for problem-solving, initiative and executing a shared plan.