BB Stroll, Surf & Safari

BB Stroll, Surf & Safari

3-5 days expedition in the south-east, strolling part of the Pāda Yātrā pilgrimage route. You start from one of the Top 10 surfing spots in the whole world, Arugam Bay, and end the journey in an exciting safari in the less well-known parts of Yala East national park.


This combination of wave-riding, trekking and elephant spotting creates a thrilling environment for getting to know yourself and your team better. Should your team require for instance surfing lessons or camping in the wild, we will arrange it for you. Variety of experiences guaranteed!


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BB Expedition can be arranged as a one-off voyage or

combined with other expeditions to make a longer itinerary in different parts of the island.

The expeditions can also be integrated into the BB Incentives and BB Team Bonding packages.