BB Rainforest

BB Rainforest

3-day trek in one of the most unique world heritage sites, Sinharaja Rainforest. There will be challenges on your way but this expedition is doable by anyone. You get to be one of the very few people who do the entire trekking trail from west to east.

CHALLENGE: rain forest

You will experience the breathtaking biodiversity and spend your nights in forest lodges in the wild that each have their special characteristics. This is much more than a mere walk in the forest. Our facilitators guide you and your team also for an internal voyage of exploration. What are the natural riches you can find within? How might your team learn from nature?


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BB Expedition can be arranged as a one-off voyage or

combined with other expeditions to make a longer itinerary in different parts of the island.

The expeditions can also be integrated into the BB Incentives and BB Team Bonding packages.