BB Over the Hills

BB Over the Hills

3-day expedition in the mild climate and magical nature of the Hill Country. You arrive at Belihuloya Adventure Center to get prepared. Early next morning you climb to Horton Plains, stopping at the Bambarakanda Falls – the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You will be taking Satan's Steps, named after its hairpin bends, steep climb and the devilish nature.

CHALLENGE: overthehills

Relying on your team and on your inner strength, you overcome challenges and reach the national park in the highlands of Sri Lanka. You choose where to stay for the night. There are humble accommodation options available in Horton Plains. Alternatively we can take you to Nuwara Eliya or back to Belihuloya for a nice relaxing night of interpersonal reflection.

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BB Expedition can be arranged as a one-off voyage or

combined with other expeditions to make a longer itinerary in different parts of the island.

The expeditions can also be integrated into the BB Incentives and BB Team Bonding packages.