BB Holy Mountain

BB Holy Mountain

3 days expedition to the less trodden paths of Adam’s Peak. The 12 kilometer long Kuruwita Erathna Trail that we take is far more challenging than the usual touristy path. Get ready for some rocks and boulders as well as streams and paths through the forest. You will be entirely away from civilization and need to rely on your team to reach the peak.


Once you get to the top – unless it is cloudy – you get to witness a rare miracle of nature: a perfect triangle that sunrise forms in the valley. Alternatively, we can aim at one of the most breathtaking sunsets you have ever witnessed and then run down the 5,500 steps, at night! Should your organization wish to take part in feel like taking part in preserving this precious environment for future generations, we can also arrange the expedition as a CSR activity.

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BB Expedition can be arranged as a one-off voyage or

combined with other expeditions to make a longer itinerary in different parts of the island.

The expeditions can also be integrated into the BB Incentives and BB Team Bonding packages.