BB Bikers

BB Bikers

5-7 days motorcycle escapade around the paradise island. Compared to countries like India, Sri Lankan roads are fairly well maintained. You get to ride classic Royal Enfield motorbikes through different climate zones every day.


You decide which roads to take although we do give you tips where to stop and plant a few memorable highlights on your way: cultural experiences, team challenges and interaction with locals. In case of emergencies, a back-up vehicle is at your disposal 24/7. The van takes your luggage from one accommodation to the next so you get to focus on the beautiful vistas and feeling the wind of freedom on your face. If you are an inexperienced biker, we recommend taking a week-long preparation course in advance.

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BB Expedition can be arranged as a one-off voyage or

combined with other expeditions to make a longer itinerary in different parts of the island.

The expeditions can also be integrated into the BB Incentives and BB Team Bonding packages.