Eight Roads, India - (BB Mix It Up at Anantara Kalutara Resort)

Mixology - also known as the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks. These clients were given the chance to become mixologist (Bar chefs) for one night. They had to prepare their own kind of cocktail with ingredients handed out to them. First, they were educated on to what a cocktail really is and how to prepare one and then they were given the task of creating an entirely new one themselves. A true learning perk for the drinkers out there and something fun and creative to do on a fine night. "BB Mix It Up" gives the team a chance to be energized as well as break down the barriers they have between staff. It ensures to increase productivity as well as being creative.

This was the first time we at BB did something like this and the clients enjoyed it very much. Mixing up new skills and relationships to put forth the best drink they had in mind. This creates a new kind of trust between team members and strengthens their bond to work towards achieving their goal I mean who wouldn’t enjoy learning how to make a cocktail now.