Eight Roads, India - (BB Drum Circle at Anantara Kalutara Resort)

“To the beat of the drum” That's exactly what BB Drum Circle stands for. Held at the beautiful Anantara Kalutara Hotel. The clients were presented with the chance to learn about the culture of drums in Sri Lanka and become somewhat of a drummer themselves here. Which I'm sure you as a kid dreamt about once. Well, here you are given the chance to actually be a drummer for the day. Learn the different types of drums played in Sri Lanka and play along to a beat.

This gets departments to work to better together as there is a lot of communication happening between them. As the teams are a mix of staff it breaks the barriers with top-level management and workers. All in all, it motivates the staff to become better at what they do. BB Drum circle is a fun activity and I’m sure anyone who wanted to be in a rock band would love to at least try out what traditional Sri Lankan drumming feels like.