Dartry Valley Tea Factory (BB Adventure Camp at Yala Big Game Camps)

On the one place where adventure calls out to us - the wild. The Dartry Valley Tea group joined us at Big Game Campsite Yala, an accommodation specially made to entice you with the wild and make one step out of their comfort zone. The Team came ready for some activities that would teach them the importance of team building and breaking their boundaries altogether.

The activity planned for Day 01 was canoeing at the Kochipathana Tank. An important yet fun based exercise about learning the importance of coordination with another. The goal-focused through canoeing is working as a team towards a common goal and also canoeing is great fun water activity which gives you that right amount of adrenaline kick. Most teams engage in this task thinking there is nothing to it but once you enter the water together with another mate who's either in front or back of you that's when the real team bonding happens. You start to put aside your differences and work together in sync to achieve the goal at hand but at the same time also enjoy the water. From here they headed back to the campsite for dinner and refreshments.

Day 02 was cycling day for the team. The path given to them was to the cycle to the Sithulpawwa Rock Temple and back. The Temple was believed to built in the 2nd century B. C by King Kavantissa. The path to the Temple is not easy but as a team, you should be able to pull through together as that was the main highlight of this. Pushing through together the team managed to effectively complete the course and make it back to the campsite.

The main task of BB Adventure Campsite in Yala is to teach you and your team the true meaning of being a strong and communicative team and going beyond boundaries to achieve something they had never thought they could or have done before.