BB Urban Bonding

BB Urban Challenge

Discover cities, your team and yourself in a new light.


  • Insights into Sri Lankan cities and culture.
  • Learning from and interaction with the community.
  • Readiness to crack challenges as a team.
  • Desire to cooperate and help each other out.
  • A feeling that “we’re good at what we do”.

Gist of it:

Customizable team bonding through a series of tasks that all lead to a new kind of city discovery as well as enhance your team and self-exploration.

This can be done in Colombo or you may wish to venture out to Kandy, Galle or Sigiriya for instance. With a BB Team Rally you can make the journey there an experience too.

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Suggested approach:

(+Optional: Team Rally to the city of your choice)

0.5 hours    Kick-start: Energetic launch and division in teams.
4.0 hours    Discovery Challenge: tasks around the city.
0.5 hours    Debriefing: Learning points collected.

You may choose to include city-specific specialities like whale-watching in Galle or Treasure Hunt in Kandy. This extends the program to last for two days. In between we can arrange you to have a party quite unlike you have ever seen before.

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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Urban Challenge to share with others in your organization.