BB Energizing Bonding

BB Energizer

Fun activities near the office or as part of your event!


  • New-found energy and joy in your team.
  • A mutual understanding, respect, affection and trust.
  • Improved cross-functional communication.
  • Increased desire to collaborate and help one another.
  • Feeling of shared success.

Gist of it:

This half-day energizer is ideal to create sparks of energy and enthusiasm in your people. Teams rotate between four activities. In the end the winner is announced and a common debriefing captures the learning points that can be taken back to the office.


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Suggested approach:

You bring the people to a venue of your choice. This can be any hotel with garden space, cricket or rugby ground or even your own premises. We take care of the rest.

0.5 hours    Kick-start: Energetic launch.
3.0 hours    Energizer: Four team bonding activities.
0.5 hours    Debriefing: Learning points collected.


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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Energizer to share with others in your organization.