BB Charity Bonding

BB Charity Bonding

Volunteer, give back and make your mark as a team!


  • New-found appreciation for life.
  • An experience of having performed well together.
  • Improved teamwork: comprehension, coordination, collaboration and communication.
  • Direct positive impact in society.
  • Positive publicity and goodwill for your organization.

Gist of it:

Do good together to be better together. We prepare a chosen CSR project in rural Sri Lanka for your team to take part in. The entire 2-3 days involvement is designed so that the team becomes better in comprehension, coordination, collaboration and communication.

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Suggested approach:

  1. Options: We present three CSR projects to choose from.
  2. Choice: Your team chooses a project they prefer most.
  3. Preparation: We prepare everything and brief the team.
  4. CSR Action: Your team engages in community action.
  5. Guided Learning: We facilitate learning and reflection.
  6. Closure: We collect learnings and tell the world of what you have done.
  7. .(Optional: We create a professional video as a memory for you)

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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Charity Bonding to share with others in your organization.