BB Amusement Park

BB Amusement Park

Half-day bonding extravaganza for very large groups!


  • Facilitated fun in cross-functional teams.
  • Going beyond everyday cliques.
  • Long-lasting memories and increased employee loyalty.
  • Daring to form new alliances across departments.
  • Sparks of creativity, energy and inspiration.
  • Bonding: more "we" than "me".

Gist of it:

Up to 1,000 participants, in 30-60 teams of 10-16 people, are guided through as many of the 15 events as they want and have time for. Scores are tallied and winning team is announced in the end. Refreshment zone can be used for planning, socializing and unwinding between the events.

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Suggested approach:

We provide the personnel, activities, equipment, facilitation, logistical management, snacks and refreshments. The activities are safe and our people trained. Nevertheless, to be prepared for anything, we arrange a fully equipped ambulance and paramedics to be on hold in case of emergency.

You choose the venue – any large lawn area will do – and arrange your people to be there on time. Team leaders could be briefed in advance to ensure smooth participation. Finally, you may want to encourage the teams to come up with a name and create clothing that portrays their team identity.


0.5 hours    Kick-off: Energetic opening and welcoming words

4.0 hours    BB Amusement Park: 15 events in 30 stations

0.5 hours    Closing: Wrap-up and awards ceremony

(+ possible evening program)


  • 1 DJ
  • 1 Lead Facilitator
  • 30 Support Facilitators
  • 20 Logistics Personnel
  • First Aid Crew

Possible Add-ons:

  • Group Challenge to create a feeling that we are One Big Team.
  • Evening Party with drinks, bites and Awards Ceremony.
  • Fashion Show, Live Music, Dancers or chosen Guest Arrival.
  • Professional filmmakers to shoot and edit a video of the day.
  • Branded T-shirts and other memorabilia of your liking.

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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Amusement Park to share with others in your organization.