BB Adventure CampBB Adventure Camp

Get away from the city, stretch your boundaries and experience the wildnerness with your team.


  • A daring attitude and better performance
  • Ability to live and work together in a new setting
  • Mutual understanding, respect, affection and trust
  • An experience of having performed well together
  • An increased desire to collaborate
  • Learning points that can be applied directly at work
  • Beginning of something new

Gist of it:

Stretch your boundaries and bond together through a common wild camping experience. Learn from solving challenging tasks as a team. Enjoy the lush environment.

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Suggested approach:

1st Day Program

0.5 hours     Kick-start: Energetic launch and division in teams
1.0 hours     Preparation: A bit of theory and survival skills
4.5 hours     Treasure Hunt: Teamwork in stunning nature
1.0 hours     Debriefing: Collecting the learning points

2nd Day Add-on

3.0 hours     Water Monitors: Teams engage in raft building
1.0 hours     High Rope Course: Stretching personal boundaries
1.0 hours     Zoom: Team communication exercise
1.0 hours     Learning capture: Discussion and self-reflection

3rd Day Add-on

4.0 hours     Tactical Action Game: Paintball activity in the wild
2.0 hours     Team Building Games: Based on the team’s needs
1.0 hours     Debriefing: Taking learnings back to work
1.0 hours     Closing: Certificates, final words and farewell

Each day includes a delicious breakfast, buffet lunch and Sri Lankan BBQ in the evening. Food in Belihuloya is mouthwateringly tasty and there is a lot to choose from. You will need a lot of energy! Please inform us of special diets. Sri Lankan live music, dancing, fire show, firewalking or evening games can be organized upon request.

Alternative locations to Belihuloya are Udawalawe Campsite and Kitulgala River Adventure Center. Activities may vary depending on the chosen location, development needs and quickly changing weather conditions.

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Download a PDF Brochure of BB Adventure Camp to share with others in your organization.