World Bank Sri Lanka Mission - (BB Urban Race in Colombo, Shangri-La Hotel)

The first ever Urban Race held in Sri Lanka was done for the World Bank. The commence of a wondrous event took place on a sunny afternoon at Shangri-La Hotel opposite Galle Face. When someone says the word Race it always has the meaning of running against the clock to come in first place. Well, that's exactly how this went down. With teams rushing here and there collecting clues and completing tasks with the hope of reaching the top spot. For the first time you can call it a success as each team had a lot of experience about the Sri Lankan culture as well as becoming a tad bit streetwise. Completing each task was a challenge and was definitely not that easy for any of the teams. But as always the most important thing in our team building events is that we guarantee in the end that you learn something and always take home with you a few points that you learned.

All the teams enjoyed this race and I’m sure if they were given another chance they definitely without hesitation take it on once more. Not just for the thrill but to learn something even more.