BB King of Colombo Game Night

BB King of Colombo - an immersive game of gambling with a substitute for the use of cash; a bag of gems are handed out to each team prehand. A vast variety of games are set out at each station. These are not like any games you will find at a regular casino. They are specifically made with the objective of giving the player a good time and also the engagement of all the teams.

This brand new team event requires planning, alliances, strategy, negotiation, a bit of luck, good humor and perhaps some casual backstabbing. It is great fun for groups of colleagues, clients, partners, friends or family.

This game can be played in 03 ways.

  1. The Clan Mode:- Your group is divided into two clans. Games are played individually but, instead of just trying to maximize your own score, you play to make your clan victorious! The player with the most Gems, in the end, is crowned as the King of Colombo. If he or she is from your Clan you are considered a winner as well.

  1. The Team Mode:- You form 4-5 teams of 3-5 people each and choose captains. Your goal is to maximize your Gems and emerge as the team with most Gems in the end. Feel free to replay the games as time permits. Not the player with the most Gems but the Captain of the winning team is crowned the King of Colombo.

  1. The Cutthroat Mode:- Every man* for himself! You have to be nice enough to have partners to play with and nasty enough to beat your opponents with no mercy. The player with the most Gems, in the end, is crowned the King of Colombo.

*Regardless of the masculine name, all genders are most welcome to join. Women are known to make great kings, too!

This event is great for parties and office events as even the timidest of people step forth to engage themselves. The barriers between directors and executives are truly broken here as even an intern can show off his skills by challenging top level management to one of the many games. A true team bonding event with certainty that everyone will get engaged and also have loads of fun. As a result, loyalty, bonding and engagement between participants increases.